A Popular Harmony: Exciting New THC + CBD Edibles And How they Can Help You!

A Popular Harmony: Exciting New THC + CBD Edibles And How they Can Help You!

Most of us are aware that THC and CBD are two among many cannabinoids extracted from the hemp and cannabis plants respectively. Each produces an entire host of health benefits, attracting an overwhelming amount of attention in the past few years. But recently, the popularity of products that include both THC and CBD are gaining a lot of momentum at shops and dispensaries around the country. Recent studies have shown that a synergistic effect is present when ingesting THC and CBD together. Let’s take a look at CBD and THC individually, and then what this exciting new synergistic property has to offer! 


The Benefits of CBD 

Although it isn’t psychoactive, CBD, extracted from hemp plants, can be used to treat ailments including inflammation, pain, indigestion, pain, anxiety, and depression. The popularity of CBD is largely due to a lack of  psychoactive effect attributed to its sister cannabinoid, THC. For these reasons, all 50 states have since legalized the sale and distribution of CBD due to the lack of psychoactive qualities. These days, due to the growing wellness community, CBD manufacturers are becoming more available for conscious consumers by making a wide variety of edibles, including Vegan Gummies!


And What about THC? 

This isn’t to say that THC lacks any health benefits. THC completes the full spectrum experience by adding more benefits and is also legal in many states. According to recent studies, THC grants the brain a natural reward system, producing brain chemical impulses throughout the user’s experience. These impulses provide the user with calm states including subliminal experience, happiness, and general wellbeing. It’s also been found that THC has effects on the body outside of psychoactive effects. These benefits include stimulating appetite, relaxing tightened muscles, controlling nausea and vomiting, as well as an improved circadian rhythm and subsequent sleep cycle. All of these benefits from THC make it an excellent product to use for those who suffer from these symptoms in their day-to-day lives. But we have exciting news about what recent studies have shown when taking both cannabinoids together.


The Full Spectrum Experience 

So what do we know about the synergistic effects from taking both at the same time? Known as the full-spectrum experience, ingesting both THC and CBD gives users a synergistic effect. Studies have now shown that both cannabinoids work in harmony with each other, lowering the psychoactive effects of THC, but heightening the effects on CBD as well as the metabolic benefits associated with THC. This full-spectrum experience has lent itself to popularity in recent months and it has only kept proliferating.

Like CBD gummies, THC + CBD gummies offer a balanced supplement that includes the euphoric and metabolic properties found in THC as well. This psychoactive effect is sometimes referred to as a head-high, and can last for two hours in lower doses, and up to 6 in higher ones. We’ll go into more detail in a bit concerning how we should properly treat dosages between the two.


The Benefits of THC + CBD in Harmony

But for now, let’s look at some other great benefits from taking both supplements together. The great thing about THC + CBD gummies is that many consumers claim that the drowsiness side effect isn’t present when ingesting both supplements together. Users typically get the full experience from both cannabinoids and in a means that can last for up to 12 hours depending on the dosage. Additionally, it’s been noted that the CBD portion of these gummies is often catalyzed and more effective in producing anti-tumor properties such as in brain cells from one study.

So what does this have to do with how THC + CBD is metabolized? Well, the exciting thing about it is that the full-spectrum effect actually strengthens the benefits from CBD and THC together as we discussed earlier. Such studies have also shown that benefits from CBD such as mood regulation, a balanced sleep cycle, and mental focus/clarity are heightened with THC + CBD gummies. 

At the same time, CBD is said to counteract THC, lowering the general peaks associated with THC alone. This means that the THC effect is less powerful as well. The real beauty of THC + CBD gummies is that the experience is considered to be harmonic due to this property from the full-spectrum effect. This exciting new product is now becoming more and more popular as users have found it offers a balanced experience between both cannabinoids. Now, let’s turn to understanding dosage and see what these exciting new gummies have to offer. 


Understanding Dosages

It’s important to understand the different dosages when comparing THC + CBD supplements. Generally consumers shop for one supplement or the other, but rarely together. So what is the standard then? Generally they come in a 1:5mg ratio. Products range from 5mg THC / 25mg CBD to stronger products such as 10mg THC / 50mg CBD gummies. It’s generally safest to keep THC dosages in edibles below a 10mg threshold, but CBD is typically found in higher dosages. Don’t hesitate to ask your local CBD dispenser about what is right for you as much of this depends on body type and mental stability. 


To Wrap Up

THC + CBD gummies are now being produced and sold at more and more vendors every month. Their explosive growth in popularity is largely due to the full-spectrum experience unlocked from combining a proportional dosage of both in a delicious little gummy. With the increase in popularity, it will become all the more important to pay attention to reliable vendors and dispensaries as these products become more widely available in places where they’re legally sold. The regulation of THC + CBD gummies is still under much discussion, so make sure you check in with reliable, trustworthy vendors such as Green Planet at www.greenplanetus.com

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