Are Topicals Right for You?

Are Topicals Right for You?

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider CBD Topical Creams

This month, we’re diving into exciting new research behind topical CBD creams and how these products can help your health, hygiene, and so much more. And did we mention that CBD topicals are helpful with alleviating inflammation and joint pain?

CBD topical creams can be rubbed directly onto skin and around joints such as our knees and elbows. High potency CBD topicals are usually about 8 milligrams of CBD per application dose while the lower end tends to be 3 mg. It’s important to try a lower dose and go up from there. 

 The new possibilities behind CBD infused topical creams have given rise to a massive increase in consumer demand. On top of that, researchers have had great success in uncovering the mechanisms behind how CBD affects inflammation and eases pain. 

As the popularity of CBD topicals increase, it’s vital to inform consumers about the many useful ways they can benefit from their use. More and more information is published every week on the treatments associated with CBD-topicals, and the rise of popularity of these products support these claims. 

With that being said, let’s dive in to the top five reasons why CBD topicals can be right for you.

5. CBD as Treatment for Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema

We’re all trying to find the right product for treating acne, but did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology Associaton has noted that CBD topicals may be linked to the treatment of these skin conditions? Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, acne, psoriasis, and eczema are very treatable with CBD topical face creams and offer promising results for those inclined to try these products. 

Many of us who purchase CBD topicals for these types of problems have found lasting and effective results. Skin irritation, rashiness, redness, and other problems from acne, psoriasis, and eczema are reduced dramatically from using CBD topicals. 

4. CBD Alleviates Arthritic Pain

On the note of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it should be noted that CBD topicals offer pain relief from those suffering either osteo or rheumatoid arthritis. A recent study on lab rats by Curr Pharm Biotechnical found that CBD had a lasting therapeutic effect that was linked to relieving inflammation and behaviors associated with arthritis. 

The use of CBD topicals for treating arthritis was also noted in a much earlier preliminary study from The Journal of Rheumatology in 2006. 

Using CBD for the treatment of arthritis shows promising results for those seeking new and better treatments. Talk to a CBD specialist to learn more about the use of topicals for any of your own arthritic pain. 

3. Superior Skin Moisturizer

 Not only is CBD topical cream effective in treating pain relief and inflammation, but it’s also excellent as a skin moisturizer. High quality CBD topicals are packed with gentle, hydrating ingredients that have been shown to have the same moisturizing effect. Many of CBD topicals vary, but you should be able to find CBD-infused topicals that have other soothing extracts such as shea butter, tea tree oil, and coconut oil too. 

Menthol, histamine dihydrochloride, and lidocaine are often included as active ingredients with CBD-infused topical creams as well. CBD topical creams can be used to treat dry, brittle skin, no matter the amount of sebum produced and are generally safe for even those with very sensitive skin. 

2. Where did my anxiety go?

One of the top reasons that CBD creams should be incorporated into your skincare routine is due to CBD’s anxiety-reducing properties. Researchers have found that CBD topical creams have been noted to reduce anxiety much like CBD edibles and other consumable products. 

Although not as strong as the latter, CBD topicals are a good place to start for many of us that want to test CBD initially. One of the great use cases for CBD-topicals against anxiety is for those wanting to quit smoking. Because of how great CBD takes care of anxiety, ex-smokers have turned to CBD topicals as a means to lessen the desire for tobacco and other addictive products. This has made CBD an effective solution for fixing this problem among others related to anxiety. 

1. Treating Neuropathy and Jaw Pain


Over 20 million US citizens are currently diagnosed with some form of neuropathy - a condition that can cause a loss of normal nerve signaling that can cause the loss or distortion of our sense of touch and regulation to the outside temperature. For example, many with neuropathy often have cold hands or feet where the body should naturally be able to adapt to the outside. 

Fortunately, CBD-topicals have been shown to aid in the treatment of neuropathic side effects and doctors are now suggesting that patients suffering from neuropathy look more into the benefits of CBD. CBD topicals are excellent for the treatment of this condition and recent data from the NIH in 2020 backs up the promising results of CBD as a treatment for neuropathy. 

On the same note and even more common, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) is treatable with CBD topicals as well. On waking up from our sleep, many of us notice that our jaws are sore and often inflamed after a long night of otherwise decent sleep. When we sleep, many of us are susceptible to grinding our teeth or other uncomfortable jaw movements that leaves us tired and in pain in the morning. From another study published in 2019, researchers from the NIH found that CBD-topicals are a wonderful treatment for TMJ if used before we go to sleep. The researchers found that CBD-topicals had a remarkable effect on lessening pain associated with TMJ and could be promising for further research into the subject. 

To conclude, CBD topicals are finding more and more value as researchers uncover the incredible potential they have for treatment of many of the ailments listed above. The rise in popularity of CBD topicals goes to show just how exciting and effective these creams are for treating a wide variety of different health problems that we experience in our day-to-day lives. As more and more research is published on this topic, there is no doubt that more uses and treatments will be documented. 

The pros of CBD-topicals certainly outweigh the cons. Although you should check first with your doctor concerning the use of other medications with CBD topicals, most should find that CBD has very little if any impact on other prescriptions or medications that we might take. 

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