CBD and New Year’s Resolutions

CBD and New Year’s Resolutions

Season’s greetings everyone.
As we’re wrapping up the holidays, many of us are considering what 2023 will look like -
especially what types of resolutions and goals many of us plan to undertake for the next 12
months. Some of us want to cut out certain foods, quit smoking, and a whole host of other
unhealthy habits we’d like to shake for the beginning of the year, so we’re here to help you
understand how CBD can help you reach your goals.
As many of us are aware, New Year’s resolutions often start strong with the best of intentions,
but they end up on the ash heap of resolution-history as the days begin to pile up in the new
year. Many of us lose the drive and motivation to adhere to our goals because, as we know, life
can get in the way. We know that increased anxiety, bad sleep, and so many other problems
begin to pile on, making our resolutions difficult and out of reach.
Fortunately, this week’s blog post is about how incorporating CBD extract in your New Year’s
resolutions can help us stick to them, achieving what we initially wanted to accomplish.
As we only have a few days left to consider what we want to change in 2023, let’s take a look at
how CBD can offer so many benefits toward some of the most popular resolutions many of us
are considering for January.
We’ll also explain how implementing CBD with good habits will dramatically help you in
achieving your goals - specifically looking through the lens of the #newyearnewme community
for 2023.

1. Weight Loss
This is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution in the United States. Did you know that
almost 50% of all new gym memberships are canceled before the beginning of February? Many
of us experience deep dissatisfaction and impatience as the results tend to not show fast
enough for us to remain motivated. Nobody said starting new and healthier habits would be
Fortunately, CBD has shown a positive connection in our metabolisms and weight loss. CBD
increases our metabolic rates, and many of us find that losing weight tends to be easier when
on a daily regimen. Sticking to a regimen of daily CBD supplements while hitting the gym shows
faster, more promising results.
Motivation for your #newyearnewme weight loss resolution will be sky high as you begin to
notice your slimming figure even after a month! In order to learn which CBD supplement will be
right for your weight loss goals, check out Green Planet’s broad spectrum tincture, a safe and
highly effective supplement that you can add to protein shakes before or after a hard workout.

2. Quit Smoking
The second-most popular New Year’s resolution that is part of the #newyearnewme trend is for
many of us to quit smoking or vaping tobacco and nicotine products. Nearly 70% of smokers
say they’d like to quit the habit each year, but only a meager 7% actually succeed in fully
quitting. Many of the current products currently available to help with nicotine cravings aren’t all
that effective such as nicotine gum, patches, and other similar products.
Fortunately, a daily or even weekly dose of CBD has shown promising results for cutting out
these urges. Many of us who enjoy smoking have switched to vaping products as they lack the
tar and other harmful chemicals associated with nicotine.
But if you’re trying to cease smoking altogether, many have found relief from taking a daily dose
of CBD tincture directly on the palate or as an edible. Over one or two months of taking CBD
regularly, many people have claimed that urges for nicotine have completely dissipated.
Be sure to talk to your trusted CBD retailer to learn more about how CBD can help you quit
smoking for 2023. Or, if you’re ready to quit smoking and want to find a product that is powerful
and can help you with your urges, check out one of Green Planet’s popular edible products.

3. Get Better Sleep Now
Many of us recognized just how poorly our sleep schedules have been over the past year.
Perhaps we’ve worked long hours, celebrated a little too much, or just haven’t been able to get
our circadian rhythms in-sync with nature. There are so many reasons that cause poor sleep
that it would be impossible to list them all here. Fortunately though, new and promising solutions
to poor sleep have been linked to CBD.
We know that CBD can help with reducing anxiety, inflammation, and improve our ability to relax
too. It shouldn’t surprise you that CBD can also help as a sleeping aid. An investigation into
CBD and its effects on sleep found that taking 16 mg of CBD increased their sleep duration
overall compared to those who took a placebo. Additionally, CBD may help as a sedative
against cortisol, a hormone that’s linked to poor sleep quality.
If you’re interested in learning more about how CBD can help you get the sleep you need in
2023, check out some of Green Planet’s top-quality CBD sleep aid products such as this one.
Green Planet’s tinctures and edibles are made with 100% non-GMO natural ingredients and
industrial grade hemp extract. Learn more at this earlier blogpost about sleep and CBD.

4. Exercise a Resolution
This one is certainly high on our list. Many of us found that as 2022 progressed, our exercise
routines became much more infrequent and ultimately obsolete. Fortunately, CBD has shown
great promise for those seeking to get more out of their workout routines. Recent studies on

CBD and exercise physiology have shown interesting results. Researchers involved in the
studies claimed CBD relieves muscle soreness and helped with post-workout rehabilitation for
participants who took CBD over a placebo. It also may increase mobility and flexibility due to its
anti-inflammatory effects on joints and ligaments.

5. Just Read More Books with CBD
Many of us are wishing that we’d spent more time reading our favorite books or magazines over
the past year. As work and life’s obligations get in the way, we find it more and more difficult to
reach flow states by putting in the time and effort we’d like with our hobbies and pastimes. Many
of us are looking to change that course for 2023.
Research has shown that reading lights up areas of the brain when viewing brain scans.
Reading can also help with lowering stress, tension, and is a net positive hobby because it
increases our ability to learn and master new skills and areas of expertise.
It can be difficult to stay focused on our books due to many distractions such as our phones and
television screens. But taking CBD has shown promising benefits for those seeking to stay
focused on tasks and hobbies. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s been shown to improve
our capability to focus our time and energy on things we’re deeply passionate about.
So find a book that you know you’ve been meaning to finish and find an excellent CBD oil that
can help improve your focus over time, such as Green Planet’s energy boost tincture.
CBD can help with so many of our New Year’s resolutions for 2023. As more and more research
is published on its benefits, many of us will find that it can help us with so many of the goals and
resolutions we’re planning to achieve next year. Weight loss, better sleep, and better energy are
all within your reach for the coming months, so best of luck on your own individual goals and
resolutions for the new year!
We wish you all a happy new year and look forward to talking to you more about CBD in 2023!

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