CBD & It's Effects on Pain

CBD & It's Effects on Pain

October 12 marks World Arthritis Day, and so we thought it would be an excellent avenue to discuss how the latest CBD products are bringing new treatments to those of us suffering from pain and inflammation in our hands, feet, and other joints. According to the most recent surveys, 58.5 million American adults suffer from arthritis. That’s 24% of the country! Not only is arthritic pain bad for individuals suffering from it, but it annually costs the medical industry roughly $303 billion dollars per year to treat across the United States. Dealing with arthritis can be a serious and chronic issue, but luckily, new research studies have pointed to CBD as a phenomenal treatment of inflammation and related pain. Let’s get into the ins and outs of CBD as a treatment for pain and arthritis relief. Hopefully, this article will be able to help you understand how CBD can help you and which products you may find most useful for your own regiment. 

   If you think you may be suffering from arthritis don’t hesitate to check with  your doctor if that may be the case. In fact, the CDC has noted that the majority of those diagnosed with arthritis are under the age of 65. This means that many of us, from 35-65 are susceptible to arthritis as well as early onset arthritis for those on the younger end of the spectrum. This has led to a sharp increase in known cases of arthritis and just how bad the problem has become nationwide. 

CBD as a Treatment for Chronic Arthritic Pain?

   But recent developments in the study of cannabidol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in hemp plants, have lent great evidence supporting its therapeutic effects on chronic pain conditions such as inflammation, swelling, and a whole host of other metabolic benefits including an improved sleep cycle, better appetite, more focus and mental clarity. It’s astounding just how many benefits have been linked to this supplement! Let’s stick to pain though and get a better understanding of how CBD affects pain particularly. 

    CBD has emerged as a promising pharmaceutical agent to treat these types of conditions and ailments. Animal studies have shown that CBD interacts and modulates the endocannabinoid, inflammatory, and nociceptive systems. The latter of which is known as the pain-sensing system. These systems play a vital role in regulating swelling/inflammation after an injury as well as general pain perception/retention, mood and anxiety, and metabolic rate/appetite. Many patients are diagnosed with arthritis or other chronic pain-related injuries due to one or more of these systems becoming weakened or unstable. The great thing about CBD is that it interacts with our own natural endocannabinoid system to lower our response to pain as well as lessening inflammation around joints of the hands and feet. 

CBD is Not THC

   It should be noted here that CBD has become widely popular because it lacks the psychoactive properties attributed to the other cannabinoid widely known as THC. This means that users can reap all the metabolic and pain relief benefits from cannabinoids without the head high often associated with THC. 

    In fact, recent statewide legislatures have recognized these potentials from CBD and have rewritten many of the rules concerning the distribution and sale of the compound. Now, all 50 US states sell CBD oils, extracts, and products nationwide. This has led to a wide proliferation of various CBD vendors, dispensaries, and other shops within this thriving new industry.

The Popularity of CBD as a Chronic Pain Solution

    CBD has gained tremendous popularity because of its non-toxic nature, as well as the benefits that many claim it provides. The treatment of chronic pain has become one of CBD’s most widely-known benefits and there are now a wide-selection of products varying in dosage, taste, method, and other qualities. So what is the right dosage? Or what is the best type of CBD to take for chronic pain - especially arthritis in joints? Let’s take a look at these questions and about what your optimal plans of action could be. 

CBD Dosage and Ingestion Methods

     So what’s the typical dosage? It should be obvious that everyone is affected differently depending on our body size, height, average weight, etc. However, there are a few options available at the commercial level. Those of us suffering from arthritis will want to take CBD in the form of an edible/ingestible tincture. The dosage goes from light - such as 25mg -  to heavily concentrated around 100mg. The typical ingestion period takes up to an hour to begin metabolizing, but the effects last up to 6-8 hours afterwards.

   Many consumers like to take CBD in the form of an edible such as a gummy. These gummies have been infused with CBD oil tincture and are also a similar duration to the ingestible tinctures or gel capsules. The nice thing about gummies is that they’re easily transportable, tasty, and are good for those of us who want a nice candy instead. Additionally, gummies are generally more consistent with each dose than gel capsules which have a tendency to vary more. Gummies are generally the most popular form of CBD ingestion largely due to this reason. 

  Lastly, topical creams and gels have become popular for those suffering chronic pain and arthritis. CBD extract is fused with creams and lotions to provide the user with a local topical that can lessen the pain around joints and bones. These are easy to use and transport but have a soothing effect that lowers inflammation at the same time. Topical creams generally last a shorter duration compared to edibles, but they do offer some benefits for those looking for light treatments.

    CBD is gaining only more popularity month to month, day-to-day. The promising benefits that many have found are sure to offer great help in the treatment of individuals, and a lowering of the annual medical debt incurred. CBD is proving to be a more reliable treatment option that has doctors, medical professionals, and scientists all involved with at various levels of study. Check in with friends as well as on here to learn more, and let us know what CBD has done for you. 

    With the wide amount of new products and lines related to CBD available each month, it’s more important than ever to find trusted and honest vendors who are selling top of the line supplements. Take www.greenplanetus.com for instance. Our products have been widely tested and have passed regulatory inspection as top quality products; Green Planet offers users the highest quality CBD available on the market. Check in with us regularly to learn more about which treatment could be right for you. 

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