Top 5 Methods of Taking CBD

Top 5 Methods of Taking CBD

As CBD has gained popularity, so have the numerous ways that we as consumers can take it in all sorts of various forms. Typically, vendors provide different avenues for users to consider taking CBD depending on their individual preferences, disabilities, or satisfaction with a certain type of consumption. It can often be an overwhelming experience when shopping CBD because there are so many different types of CBD as well as flavors. On top of that, CBD companies often have four or five means for taking CBD including edibles, tinctures, pill capsules, vaping oils, and topical creams. This can be very confusing for the average buyer because the vast amount of options makes it difficult to determine what is best and for whom. So that’s why we’re here to help! This month’s blog post will help you understand the pros and cons of each of these distinct possibilities and lend a helping hand to guide you through your decision on what is the best and most effective option for your needs. Some methods are more popular than others, but that shouldn’t hold you back from considering less popular ones either. With that being said, let’s jump into what each of these options holds in store for you (literally!). We’ll go down the list starting from the most popular to least starting with edibles. 


Smoking (Vapes, Pre-Rolls, or Flowers)

Many people don’t want to take CBD in the form of edibles, tinctures, or capsules because of their 2-3 hour release time. Often, some of us want an option that allows us to get the benefits of CBD quickly but without the effects that can last that long. 


Vaping cartridges are one of the quickest and easiest methods to consume CBD with a much faster metabolic rate as well as smoking pre-rolled joints or even preparing your own with premium-grade flowers. This means that if you smoke CBD, the effects quickly take hold in less than a few minutes but then drop off after only an hour or two depending on the user. This is excellent for those of us who want to take CBD in a fast manner without worrying that the effects will last throughout the day. This is one of the more popular methods for ingesting CBD because of this lower threshold and provides a powerful burst of relief from all the goodness that CBD offers. Also, there is a multitude of flavors that make them enjoyable depending on your taste. Some smoking products also include other cannabinoids such as CBG. These cause an expedited relief of pain, nausea, and discomfort in general without giving you any kind of "high" or euphoric feeling, just pure relaxation. 


CBD cartridges are fairly ubiquitous and a lot of CBD stores are now supplying this product for their customers. However, it’s important to consider a couple of things about taking CBD this way. First, CBD cartridges and joints can vary in dosage depending heavily on the manufacturer, type of oil used to house the extract, and the safety of the oil therein. It’s important to consider which manufacturers are reliable considering these factors. The scent of smoking CBD is very similar to that of smoking THC or marijuana but does not cause any kind of psychoactive feeling in your mind. 



 CBD edibles are quickly becoming the most popular means for consumption. CBD edibles typically come in the form of small candies similar to gummy bears and are generally found at most local CBD shops. CBD edibles also come as brownies, cookies, and a variety of gluten-free and sugarless options. They’re typically made by infusing CBD extract with cake batter or, in the case of gummies and candy, are coated with a CBD dust. Because CBD content can often vary, edibles are considered the most accurate when it comes to reading the dosage content per piece on the packaging. This means that if the packaging says each edible has an x amount of milligrams of CBD, it’s safe to say that we can reliably trust that number. This is because edibles are highly regulated and controlled when it comes to production, ensuring that consumers get that and only that amount of CBD per dose. 

Edibles are great for a number of other reasons. First, edibles often have the longest-lasting CBD release. When you eat an edible, digestion can take up to 3 hours which gives CBD its longest form of release time when we metabolize it this way. Also, if a dosage is too powerful, people like to split the gummy or cookie in half and to better suit their preference. Second, CBD edibles can decrease inflammation, have an analgesic effect, decrease spasticity, and all of the many benefits associated with CBD. This means that we can get all of these benefits from CBD as well as the longest duration of their effects through digesting it this way. On top of that, it’s the most tasty option as well! 


CBD extract also comes in the form of alcohol-based tinctures. Now I use the word alcohol not in the traditional sense of beer or liquor, but only as a mild distillate that concentrates and filters the CBD extract into a powerful little bottle. TInctures often include a dropper in the cap that can be used to place droplets of CBD sublingually on the tongue and then digested this way. This method preserves CBD and protects it against oxidation. This means that tinctures are easily preserved the longest compared to all of the other methods. Additionally, CBD tinctures can be mixed into food and beverages making it a versatile CBD product if you want to add it to your meals or drinks. Tinctures can also take effect more quickly than edibles and pill-based capsules because they metabolize at a quicker rate than if it’s eaten or swallowed as a pill.

 There are a couple of reasons why CBD tinctures aren’t as popular as the edibles or vaping cartridges. First, they often have a bitter flavor which some of us may not enjoy. Secondly, they’re not a substitute for CBD topical creams or CBD oils. Oftentimes, people think that CBD tinctures can be a replacement for topicals, but unfortunately, tinctures don’t interact with our skin the same way that a topical CBD cream does. This includes CBD oils too. Lastly, for these reasons, they’re not as readily available at CBD shops and can therefore be more difficult to find. 

Pill-Based Capsules

CBD extract is also now being packaged in the form of pill-based capsules or softgels. CBD pills are easy to swallow, don’t have a taste, and come in a range of sizes, concentration, and sometimes include other vitamins and minerals for daily nutritional needs. Usually, it takes about an hour for CBD pills to begin working just like any other medications we may take.


Capsules range in dosage between 25-50mg of CBD. You can enjoy a perfectly measured serving of CBD each time you take one, they’re easily transportable, and very discrete. This makes capsules one of the most efficient ways to take CBD because of these factors.


There is really no downside to capsules but you may have a hard time finding them because they’re not as readily available as some of the other options.


Topical Creams

This last option has seen acclaim for those of us who want to use CBD for skin and joint-related problems. Topical creams, lotions, balms, or salves are infused with  CBD extract and are used by applying them to local areas of pain directly on our skin. Creams are excellent products for helping with inflammation and mild pain relief around joints and ligaments that have been damaged or in need of therapy. CBD creams can also be a wonderful treatment for eczema, acne, and psoriasis among other dermatological problems. A  2016 study found that CBD creams also might help with arthritis, jaw pain known as temporomandibular disorder and peripheral neuropathy, a condition where nerve damage causes discomfort, numbness, and a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. Topical creams are not always as powerful as CBD that is ingested like edibles, tinctures, and vaping cartridges, but they can provide a highly localized solution for any of these ailments. 


Again, there aren’t many down sides to topical creams and they’re usually found at most CBD stores. However, consider that creams can be messy and you may run into a problem transporting it through TSA at an airport. 

This wraps up this month’s posting about the multitude of ways to take CBD. Edibles and vaping cartridges tend to be the most popular methods for taking CBD and are often the most common formats that people want to buy at their local CBD store. Tinctures and creams are a little less common, but as the popularity increases in CBD in general, we shouldn’t be surprised to find them more common in the coming months and years. Hopefully this helps you on your path and never hesitate to ask for more information from your local CBD store!

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