CBD, Calmness, Sports & Recovery

It’s common knowledge that working out and being athletically active is tied to many mental and physical benefits.

However, it is less commonly known that working out too much can cause some downsides. People who overdo their physical activity are very likely to experience disorders such as overtraining syndrome which can cause poor sleep, unpredictable mood swings and an increased risk of sport related injuries.

How can you know if you’re working out “too much”? That all depends upon how well and fast you’re recovering from each workout, allowing your body to heal and what your post workout routine is.

If you plan your workout routine correctly, you’ll be more likely to recover faster and come back more prepared for your next session. What does all this have to do with CBD? Learn more to find out.

CBD and Calm Mind Set

Many CBD consumers (beginners or more advanced) can attest to how calm it makes them feel. That is caused by the impact CBD has on production of several hormones in our body. When it comes to making us feel more calm, CBD is actually reducing your body’s production of cortisol, very commonly known as the “fight-or-flight” hormone. It causes our hearts to race, our palms and feet to get sweaty and gives a generally stressful feeling.

While cortisol and and other stress hormones do have important functions and are crucial for our survival, chronically high levels of these “stressful” hormones are pretty much the #1 enemy of calmness and can also badly affect sleeping patterns and healthy aging.

We know this sounds quite discouraging, however, CBD contains properties that reduce cortisol production, causing you to feel more calm and may even help you forget about past stressful events.

Due to it’s calming qualities, CBD makes the ideal addition to yoga, meditation or any other time that you just want to chill out and relax.

CBD and Working Out: Before or After?

If you had to choose one out of the two, we would recommend post-workout CBD use. CBD can be helpful in restoring balance in your body after a hard workout. Intaking cannabinoids is like supplementing or increasing the natural activity of all your body’s systems (especially the endocannabinoid system), therefore speeding up the recovery process. By applying stress to your body (working out) the endocannabinoid system gets overloaded. Returning it to balance is very simple, you can do so by taking CBD which helps to get the neurotransmitters back under control. The CBD sensitizes the receptors and also helps your body produce more of its own natural endocannabinoids.

CBD and Recovery

After every workout, your primary concern needs to be improving the recovery time. Some products may be more helpful than others when it comes to muscle recovery such as:

  • CBD+CBG tinctures
  • Pain Relief Salves
  • Pain Relief Roll-Ons
  • Night time CBD tinctures

CBD+CBG Tinctures

These tinctures are made out of CBD and CBG isolates, resulting in higher dosages and concentrations of each of these cannabinoids. These potent tinctures boost recovery even further due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Pain Relief Salves

As the name implies, these salves are designed to relieve pain and discomfort in your body. Due to their balm-like consistency, they are best used around joints to reduce any kind of inflammation, pressure or soreness due to physical activity or any other injury.

Pain Relief Roll-Ons

Also relieving pain throughout your body, these products are usually designed for quick absorption and are more useful on larger areas and muscle pain. A roll-on with a cooling effect is most effective for post workout treatments and will help your muscle recover quickly.

Night Time CBD Tinctures

In order to properly recover from enhanced physical activity, your body needs it’s rest. CBD tinctures that include sleeping aids are a fast, natural and efficient way to speed up your recovery time and let you enjoy a well deserved night’s sleep.