CBN: What It Is, What It Does, <br> and What You Need to Know

There's a buzz about a recently researched cannabinoid called CBN. Short for Cannabinol, CBN is non-toxic and does not cause any psychoactive effects, making it a safe choice for those looking for natural relief from various conditions.

Unlike other cannabinoids, CBN is usually found in higher concentrations when hemp is exposed to heat or light and only little amounts are regularly found in full-spectrum hemp oil. It is not as well known and famous as CBD and THC but it was the first cannabinoid to be discovered back in the 1930s!

Due to its smaller molecular structure, CBN can activate receptors that other cannabinoids can't and therefore has unique effects. When taking a bigger dose, CBN can feel extremely relaxing and uplifting, similar to CBD. However, when CBN is taken right before bed - it shows its true powers.


The right dose of CBN at night can go a long way. Helping your mind and body to regulate the central nervous system to decrease stress, pain, and discomfort that may be keeping you up at night. Taking CBN regularly can help improve your sleeping cycle and also help you reach a deeper sleep for better rest. CBN is especially effective for treating insomnia. When taken before bedtime, CBN can help you fall asleep and also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, making it helpful for treating conditions like arthritis and chronic pain.

Although research is still ongoing, CBN is legal, well-studied, and safe. If you're interested in sleeping better, we highly recommend trying CBN.