How To Use Your CBD

Trying something new with our premium CBD can be confusing. Here's how to get the most effective results.


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Providing high-quality solutions for your daily CBD needs, Green Planet is a Las Vegas-based company dedicated to developing luxury wellness products with the powerful properties and long-lasting benefits of industrial-grade Hemp & CBD.

CBD & CBG 50/50

This category contains our unique CBD & CBG line of products to enhance quick pain relief and allow for double action.

This type of CBD products do not contain any THC.

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Broad Spectrum CBD

Products under this subject typically consist of all cannabinoids, excluding THC. Terpenes and fatty acids are also to be found in these components as they are a direct byproduct of the extraction process.

This type of CBD does not directly contain THC but may have very small trace amounts.

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Full Spectrum CBD

This is the most inclusive type of CBD product as it contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and acids that are found in the hemp plant. You can expect to receive the full effect and benefits of CBD when consuming a full spectrum product.

This type of CBD will always confine within the legal amounts of 0.3% THC.

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