Enjoy Our Ultimate Holiday All-Inclusive Package

So what do we have in the package: 10k Cbd/cbg Salve, Tincture 1500 Pm, Love Tincture 500, Tincture Bs 1500 Cbd/cbg, Tincture, 1500 Peppermint tincture, Cbd Thc 15ml Tincture, 1500 Cherry 🍒 Energy, Roll On 5000mg, Cbn Gel Caps 300mg, Gummy Bears 1600mg, Sleepy WildBerry Gummies 800mg, 5:1 Gummies, 2 Love Bits M, 2 Love Bits F, 250 Mg, Candle, Massage Lotion 500mg, 2 Bath Bombs, 3 10mg Cbd Lollypop

10K CBD/CBG Salve

Discover the potent relief of Green Planet's CBD + CBG Pain Relief Salve, a natural anti-inflammatory blend that works wonders for relieving body pain and distributing its benefits throughout your system. This powerful combination ensures swift relief from pain and discomfort, while also stimulating the production of natural anandamide, promoting a lifted mood, and soothing your mind.

Usage: Apply the salve as needed, but avoid excessive use. It's suitable for daily application, providing ongoing relief.

Night Time Tincture

Unveil the secret to a peaceful night's sleep with our sleep-forward tincture, designed for individuals struggling to achieve restful slumber. This tincture not only aids in treating insomnia and sleep apnea but also offers a range of other wellness benefits, including reducing inflammation, enhancing blood circulation, and inducing relaxation in both mind and body.

Proper Dosage: Gently squeeze the rubber dropper and release it. Then, pull the dropper out of the bottle and adjust the amount to your desired dose.

Love Drops Tincture

This unique formula will help you set the mood, increase stamina and enhance blood flow for a healthier sexual experience. Using only pure, high-grade hemp extract, coconut oil as a carrier, ashwagandha roots, and natural flavor compounds - Green Planet ensure a natural solution for those looking for a special night to remember.

Use as needed, recommended once a week.

CBD + CBG 1500Mg 50/50 Mix

Experience the perfect blend of CBD and CBG in our 50/50 Mix Multi Flavor Tincture. This tincture combines the natural benefits of both cannabinoids to provide you with a powerful and well-rounded wellness solution. Whether you're seeking mood regulation, cognitive enhancement, or overall well-being, this tincture offers the best of both worlds.

Consistency: For optimal results, incorporate this tincture into your daily regimen.

Broad Spectrum Tincture 1500Mg CBD Peppermint Flavor

Elevate your wellness journey with Green Planet's Broad Spectrum Tincture, now available in a delicious Peppermint flavor. Beyond being a natural calming solution, our tinctures are expertly crafted to assist in managing stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, improving sleep cycles, and enhancing blood circulation.

Consistent Use: For the best results, incorporate this tincture into your daily routine.

THC Boosted Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Tinctures are a testament to this commitment, providing a reliable and effective option for those seeking the benefits of CBD and other natural plant compounds. Try them today and elevate your wellness journey!

Quick Absorption: Enjoy the rapid absorption of our tinctures for swift results.

Energy Boost Tincture 1500Mg

When you need a natural energy boost to keep you energized and focused throughout the day, look no further. Our Energy Boost Tincture is here to provide you with the vitality you crave while simultaneously alleviating pain and inflammation.

Pain Relief Rub Roll-On 5000Mg

We've harnessed the power of top-tier ingredients to boost your well-being, resulting in the creation of our innovative CBD Roll-On. This unique product is carefully crafted using a blend of natural oils and CBD extract, delivering maximum pain relief. Designed with the active, on-the-go individual in mind, our roll-on offers easy portability and a hassle-free, no-mess application.

High-Grade Hemp Extract: Each bottle contains high-grade industrial hemp extract.

CBN Nighttime Capsules

Discover the soothing embrace of CBN, a remarkable cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that offers a unique twist on relaxation. Unlike CBD, CBN is renowned for its exceptional sleep-inducing properties, making it a powerful ally against sleep disorders like insomnia and anxiety-related sleep disturbances. It's time to bid farewell to restless nights and embrace the deep, rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

CBD Gummy Bears 1600MG

Green Planet is delighted to introduce a delightful and convenient way to incorporate your daily dose of CBD – our scrumptious CBD Gummy Bears. We've transformed wellness into a pleasurable daily ritual with these delectable, broad-spectrum CBD gummies.

Sleepy WildBerry Gummies 800Mg

If you're struggling with nighttime restlessness and find it challenging to stay asleep, our delightful berry-flavored Sleep Gummies are the perfect solution. Crafted to perfection, each gummy contains 20mg of industrial-grade CBD along with 3mg of the most potent sleep hormone, Melatonin.


Indulge in occasional treats or make our 5:1 THC and CBD gummies a daily ritual. Whichever path you choose, expect a rapid and effective response to alleviate pain, anxiety, stress, discomfort, and seizures while embracing an exquisite and relaxing encounter. These gummies are designed for anytime enjoyment, offering a natural uplift to brighten your day.

Love Bites

Love Bites - Sexual Enhancement Gummies for both men and women. These gummies are meticulously designed to take your intimate moments to new heights. They can help increase stamina, enhance pleasure and performance, boost energy, and provide added strength during your most intimate encounters.

Aromatherapy CBD Candle

CBD isn't just beneficial for the body; it's a holistic remedy for the mind and soul. Elevate your relaxation game with our Aromatherapy CBD Candle, a perfect fusion of soothing aromas and the calming influence of CBD.

CBD Infused Massage Lotion

When expertly massaged into your skin, this luxurious lotion works wonders by releasing tense muscles, enhancing blood circulation, promoting natural bodily functions such as muscle healing, and lifting your mood.

CBD Bath Bomb

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with Green Planet's CBD Bath Bombs. Elevate your bath time into a soothing aromatherapy session that not only relaxes your mind but also revitalizes your body.