Nighty Night with CBD

Nighty Night with CBD

Do you ever get that feeling when your alarm goes off and the only thing you can think of is going back to sleep, no matter how many hours of sleep you just had?

Just because you slept for many hours, doesn’t mean you slept well. You may have been tossing and turning and not breathing properly throughout the night and these patterns can affect every aspect of your day-to-day life. Trouble focusing, not being as productive as you can, feeling more stressed, and just in general not yourself - are all things even the slightest sleep deprivation can cause.

There are many ways to improve your sleeping patterns, the most common is taking Melatonin supplements. Melatonin is a natural hormone that our body produces and is stimulated towards the evening time. According to research performed by Hopkins Medicine, it is not a sedative, but it does calm and put your mind and body in a relaxing state which helps promote sleep. 

Taking CBD during the day can be extremely helpful by relieving pain, helping you find balance, maintaining a calm mindset, and most importantly at the end of the day, helping you fall asleep. Thanks to natural sleeping aids and the general calming effect CBD has on our bodies, ingesting CBD before bed is a great way to have a restful night. Whether you eat a gummy or take a drop from a tincture, CBD will kickstart an internal system in your body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short) which is a system of receptors in your brain and nervous system that interacts with the cannabinoids you ingest. The CBD you intake attaches itself to specific receptors within this system that play a role in regulating stress, mood, inflammation, and more.

Research shows that CBD also interacts with receptors tied to sleep and wake cycles within the body. Moreover, relieving stress will cause the body to relax and settle into sleep. When a CBD tincture is mixed with additional sleeping aids, such as Valerian Root, the effects of the CBD are potentiated, allowing you to sleep even better.

Getting back to your daily functions will be a whole lot easier after a good night’s sleep and you will feel recharged for the day you have ahead of you instead of longing to go back to sleep.

As melatonin and CBD are both relaxing and calming compounds, it makes sense to bring them together and create a quick, easy solution for those struggling with getting a good night's sleep. Check out our brand new Sleepy Wildberry Gummies and see how this ideal duo works together to help you get the rest you deserve.

Green Planet now has a full collection of natural aids to help you sleep better at night. We believe in direct ingestion as it leads to the fastest-acting and most effective results when it comes to CBD. Take a look at our sleep collection here! You'll find Vanilla flavored tinctures as well as an extra high-potency tincture of 10,000mg! This is the most concentrated sleeping CBD tincture on the planet. If you prefer capsules over tinctures, we've got you covered with that as well with our CBN capsules. 

If you're ready for a good night's sleep, don't skip our sleeping aid products as they are going to help you find the relief that you need.

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